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   MA, CHt, CCHt, CAHA


Being able to access the subconscious mind through the hypnotic state allows direct communication with that part of the mind that contains our hopes, fears, remembered and unremembered experiences.  The associations that we have when we hear or smell or taste or see something that make us say we like or do not like it, or that terrify us or thrill us all stem from the subconscious and its collection of our past real, imagined and dream experiences.

Willpower stems from the conscious mind as do rational decision making and judgement.  But the conscious mind is only a small fraction of the whole mind and therefore efforts to change your habits, your feelings and your behaviours face a great challenge.  You are trying to make changes with the vast majority of your mind resisting the change!

Hypnosis allows you to directly interact with the subconscious to help support change from within that vast part of your mind. That's how hypnotherapy works to help you improve yourself.

Being able to directly access the subconscious mind, with the help of a hypnotherapist to guide you, can also allow you to access and understand parts of yourself that your conscious mind does not recognize.  Hypnotherapy is therefore a powerful tool for both personal growth and self-imrprovement.

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