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Spiritual Regression

During regression hypnosis, the traveler is guided to access experiences that may be direct communications from the unconscious mind or may represent the birth experience, previous lifetimes or the state of being between such lives. Through this exploration, clues to current life challenges often unexplained by current life experiences and the preoccupations of the conscious mind can be found.  The unconscious mind guides the traveler to images, incidents and answers that are important or useful to know.

One of the unique aspects of the Integrated Imagery approach to regression hypnosis is the Energetic Chain of Experience (ECE), which relates to the soul’s stream of consciousness throughout its continuous journey in life, death, birth and the periods in between the life experiences.  Unlike exploring past lives, where the time between physical states of existence within the ECE may be touched upon, in spiritual regression, the focus is more upon memories of the time the soul spends planning the next life, choosing a life situation, the time spent in utero prior to birth, and accessing information and resources that are only available from these non-physical sources.

Accessing past lives or directly connecting to the subconscious mind has been the focus of my volunteer sessions to date.  Communicating directly with the subconscious involves unlocking memories that have accumulated over the skein of time, discovering the origins of both positive and negative themes that affect personality, and using this information to benefit the traveler’s current life situation.  By comparison, spiritual regression involves accessing the superconscious, going beyond memories and experience to access the intuition, higher wisdom and possibly those spiritual beings that have guided or traveled along with the traveler throughout the development of their own soul.  Instead of understanding specific physical experiences and influences, the focus is upon accessing wisdom and the tools to obtain guidance with respect to specific current life issues.

The full participation of the traveler is required during the trance journey. The traveler is never unaware or out of control during the session and verbally works with the guide throughout, as the guide helps the traveler navigate the many stages of the journey. The traveler is recognized as a being of body, mind, and spirit and may find physical, emotional or spiritual connections throughout the journey. 

Integrated Imagery regression hypnosis can help unlock greater potential and facilitate growth and healing by accessing feelings, images and sensations from deep within our present selves.  Exploring past lives allows us to learn about who we are and where we have come from.  Spiritual regression helps provide the means to unlock the power of why we have come to be here and what we can accomplish.


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